Rife Wave Beamer Healthpad Coil


Wave Beamer Healthpad (an accessory to the WavePRO 5 resonator). Also known as Beamer Coil.

The Wave Beamer Healthpad is an electromagnetic mat and an accessory to the Rife Health Wave Resonator range to create radiant energy. Connected to a Wave Resonator (All models) it is ideally suited to assist children and animals or adults that need extra treatments while sleeping. It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 30 cm around the mat.

Ideally suited for animals and children that can not hold the electrodes or for people that need extra treatments while sleeping or doing something else.

It is covered with waterproof vinyl on one side and durable fabric on the other side. The Beamer Healthpad can also be used with the Wave4. (On the “repeat’ setting).

A device connected to the Wave5 for Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

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